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MaltiPoo | Senior

Bella came to us at 5, from family who loved her but the environment caused stress, resulting in very itchy dry skin, eye issues, anal gland problems, diarrhoea and very fussy eating. Her skin and eyes improved immediately in our environment and with proper vet care, but she had no interest in her diet of dry biscuits, the diet she came to us on. Being a 3 kg dog it was a small, depressing handful, and she didn't eat for 4 days initially, which as the stress of leaving the only family she knew wouldn't be unexpected, it became worrying, she was on the edge of being underweight, being so small, 200g weight loss is a big drop.

As her stools were so easily upset with wet food I researched and tried her on a raw food diet. Extreme fussiness stilll remained at times, any stress would result in not eating, sometimes not eating for 3 days. But she ate mostly and her weight was back in the healthy range. But she was still not happy to eat, we would hand feed her at times just to try and keep her weight up. We had to find some food she would enjoy and look forward to eating. So I went back to researching and came across LUNA & me as the highest rated, highest quality raw dog food and with a large range of choice of foods. Bella is allergic to chicken, being able to choose from a large range, a lot without chicken is a big bonus. Since trying LUNA & me 4 years ago she has not missed a meal, and now reminds me when its dinner time. Last summer she was attacked at a beach by a much larger dog, ripping her stomach apart, a harrowing experience for all the family, and the family of the dog that attacked her, two nervous dogs that should never of met. Luckily no organs were damaged and she slowly recovered after surgery. She would not touch any of the vets food, when we finally got her home she ate her venison and duck patty immediately. In old times any stress would stop her from eating.

We took 2 years to get there after we took her on, but shes now nearly 12, happy, healthy and finally looks forward to dinner. A very loved member of the family and complety worth it. We no longer have to sit a try to entice her to eat.

Bella loves these LUNA & me products:

  • SuperBlends Delicious Beef & Venison Patties
  • SuperBlends Lovely Lamb & Turkey Patties
  • SuperBlends Wild Venison & Duck Patties
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