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Siberian Forest Cat | Kitten

We have been feeding Daisy, our Siberian Cat, LUNA & me since she was 4 months old (she is now 8 months old). This is definitely her favourite food and it's very convenient for us to use. It is easy to divide the patties up, which was especially useful when she was younger. It is also easy for us to keep track on how much we have fed her. It only takes a few hours to defrost so is much more convenient than some other raw cat food that requires 24 hours to defrost. She can be a little fussy, so whilst we have tried other foods, we always come back to this. It also has the bonus of not having a smell, which is more pleasant for us to serve out and doesn't make our house smell like cat food! This is probably my favourite thing about LUNA & me. We do also give her some dry food, so that she is used to having different foods in case we go away.

Obviously with the raw food it does require a little planning and cannot be left out of the freezer or fridge for too long (not suitable for an automated feeder). However, the LUNA & me is her 1st choice and waits for me to put this out in the morning in preference to her dry food.

She is a very happy cat with a beautiful healthy coat. We always get comments from friends and family about how soft and shiny her fur is. She has plenty of energy and enjoys exploring the outside and playing (almost consistently) inside. I think this is likely, at least in part, due to what we feed her. Feeding her raw food also has the bonus of making her contributions to her litter tray pretty much odourless. She's almost coming up to 1 year so our plan is definitely to move onto the adult food once she is 12 months - hopefully she enjoys this as much as she enjoys the kitten patties.

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