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LUNA & me
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Django & Loki

Ragdoll | Adult

Loki & Django are our much adored almost two year old Ragdoll cross boys. They are brothers and adore each other, as well as being the most loving cats imaginable to the whole family, especially our children. They are so friendly to everyone they meet, from the Ocado driver to the builders. Unlike most cats, if they see a baby they run over to say hello and are quite happy to be pulled and cuddled by them. They have each chosen a child to sleep with and take themselves up to bed just before the children go up, to curl up on the bed and then tuck themselves in next to the children when they get into bed. I can’t remember what the house was like before we got them, they’re so much a part of the family.

They’ve been raw fed since we got them at 8 weeks, initially on homemade but we then introduced a bit of LUNA & me and have recently switched to fully LUNA & me, which is SO much easier than making and freezing huge batches of food for them, which involved mixing everything in a huge trug and decanting it into dozens of freezer pots. They have the odd raw chicken neck or wing to give them something to chew on but otherwise are exclusively LUNA & me.

I love how easy it is to use, not only for me but for my husband and our cat sitter. The boys clearly love it too, they can’t wait for meals and always lick their plates clean. They did recently both get a little overweight but that was completely my fault as I was giving in to their pleas too easily and realised their intake had crept up to about double the recommended amount. A month later on the recommended amount and they are back to their streamlined selves. Their fur is so soft and they are generally in really good health.

I would really recommend LUNA & me, it feels like I’m doing the best thing I can be for them. I used to buy them the variety packs but they strongly prefer the chicken so I now just get them that. I’d rather they had a mixture but they love the chicken so much.

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