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Don Corlebone (Donny for short)

West Highland White Terrier | Adult

We got Donny as a puppy from a breeder in 2015. As soon as we saw him with his litter-mates, we knew he was the dog we would take home. Standing out as the only pup not paying any attention to the people in the room and the only pup discernible from his litter-mates by his one flopped over ear. 7 and a half years on, he barks (a lot), eats the post and – if there is a squirrel anywhere within a 30 mile radius – has absolutely no recall. But he’s perfect. He is tolerant of the babies that have grown into children around him, can (sometimes) show amazing patience, and has pretty well cemented his place as my favourite child.

Healthwise, Donny has been a happy, healthy dog from day 1; he’s managed to avoid the typical westie skin conditions and is super-active. That is not to say he hasn’t made the occasional fool out of me by hobbling in from the garden holding one paw up and, not showing signs of visible injury, we take him to rush him to the vets (out of hours) in the car only from him to spring through the door on all fours as if nothing has happened...certainly more of a spring in his step than I have as we leave the vets after settling up the bill! Another time, during one of his daily thorough inspections of the post, he determined that a particular flyer must pose a significant threat to the household and as he proceeded to demolish it, he somehow managed to glue his mouth shut in the process – a risk that we had no idea was real or had ever heard of; it wasn’t until later that day, after he had managed to open his jaws and the panic had subsided that we learned the flyer (and the coating that is sometimes used on them) was the cause. This all happened as my wife and I were trying to deal with another incident where my son had managed to poke himself directly in the eyeball with a coat-hanger and we were running around the house trying to get things together for a visit to A&E...“erm, the dog has glued his mouth shut” I called up the stairs...“you take Tommy to A&E, I’m going to have to take this DOOFUS to the vet”.

Panicked incidents aside – a happy healthy dog...So why LUNA & me? Couple of reasons, really...

Number 1 – I loathe having open packets of dog food in the fridge. I don’t care that its raw meat that is just as good quality as we humans might’s raw and its open. The 100g patties are perfect for Donny. He’s big for a westie, but he still only needs 200g per day and two 100g servings is just perfect for ease.

Number 2 – He was, as a pup, a fussy eater. He was (still is) our first dog and so we started on what we thought was “the best” for him. It was dry kibble, and he would like it at first, but would soon go off it after a few days and refuse to eat. He was also very “energetic” and “erratic”. It wasn’t until we worked with a professional trainer that we learned how much grain and carbohydrates were in most dry dog food and how it can affect behaviour. So raw feed was the answer, LUNA & me topped several review sites and the ease aspect that I just talked about made them the first and last raw feed that we tried. Donny has never turned his nose up at a meal since.

Donny loves these LUNA & me products:

  • Gentle Essentials Box, Patties
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