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Sphynx | Adult

Before I got a cat I researched high and low for the best diet for my new baby. There was so much conflicting advice on the internet I didn’t know what the best option was. My lovely cat was on raw food as a baby but I wasn’t convinced it was the best diet and didn’t have the space so I had him on wet food. We battled with stinky litter box and wet poop for months. We finally decided to go back on raw and ordered a LUNA & me trial box. I chose this brand because of how professional the website looked and I knew they cared about the health of animals.

I also ordered an under the counter freezer to store the raw food in, this fits 7kg in perfectly. It was an instant hit and my cat loves it especially beef flavour. He wouldn’t eat any other food now. The difference it’s made to his poop is amazing too. He’s 1.5 years now and he’s thriving. The good diet has helped his oil production and his ears don’t get as dirty either. I will be getting my boy a brother in the new year and he will be on LUNA & me from the start.

I love how the food is in patties too. I am squeamish when it comes to raw meat but this makes it easy to defrost and easy to handle and dish out portions to my cat. He eats 3 sometimes 4 patties a day as sphynx cats need more calories than standard cats. Please enjoy a picture of when he was a kitten and had a little piggy belly and a little piggy tail. He is the sweetest boy and I only want the best for him and that is LUNA & Me. I actually feed my cat Bare range as it’s 80/10/10 and cats do not need any other ingredient than pure meat: no fruit and veg.

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