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Norwegian Forest | Adult

This is Milo a 5 year old Silver Tabby Norwegian Forest Cat he was 4 months old when he and his half brother Bear came to live with me. From the first day he arrived he showed signs of anxiety and would hide, he had a very good appetite but his poops were never very good and smelt a lot, this got worse over time, I tried so many brands of food but none of them suited him, not even the sensitive ones really made any difference. We had several visits to the vet and tests done but nothing was found as to why there was a problem. I did a lot of research into food allergies and intolerances online and tried lots of suggestions but nothing helped and no one suggested a raw diet so it wasn’t something I’d thought about. My daughter suggested LUNA & me as she had been feeding her Pomeranians their raw food for sometime and they are super healthy.

From the first raw pattie meal he ate his tummy problems completely disappeared, it was like a miracle and so did some of his nervousness so I guess they were linked, it seems that food intolerances can have an effect on behaviour. He eats 2.5 Whisker Lickin’ Chicken Patties a day and it has transformed his life for the better, he’s put weight on and his coat is beautiful, he’s full of energy and has even learnt some tricks like sitting on command and ringing a bell when he wants a treat. The difference in him is remarkable from those early days he’s a different cat, happy and so much more healthy.

Thank you so much LUNA & me X Another amazing bonus of raw food is there is no smell in the litter tray so great for indoor cats!

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