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  • Momo and Oppa 12 weeks

  • Oppa with the blue eyes, Momo with the green eyes

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Sphynx | Kitten

In June of this year we welcomed two brothers. Momo and Oppa! Both totally adorable 12 week old Sphynx. They had come from a local breeder who recommended raw feeding to us. We had absolutely no idea or any knowledge what so ever so we decided against it at first after being led astray by a well meaning vet. Well after 5 weeks of very smelly and upset tummy’s with both and lots of medication and tests we sadly lost one of the boys (Oppa) to what we later learnt was FIP. We were absolutely devastated and vowed not to let Momo down and get him into tip top shape. We did loads of research and finally chose LUNA & me and started our raw feed diet immediately as we had nothing to lose.

Within 24 hours his tummy problems vanished. His poop no longer smelt AT ALL! And I mean there is no smell what so ever and we have never looked back. He is strong, vibrant, happy and a total menace when it comes to food (he stole a whole pack and scoffed the lot)

The quality of product, the packaging and delivery is top notch and above all the value for money is a winner. I recommend LUNA & me to everyone I hear saying their pet has tummy problems or skin issues as I know from first hand experience that it does work and it’s so much healthier for them. We have spent a small fortune on our “exotic” cats over the years so why we didn’t extend that to their diet before I do not know! Would have saved us loads on unnecessary vet expenses I’m sure. Thanks so much LUNA & me From Nikki, Momo & Oppa (RIP)

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  • Kitten Power Patties
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