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Odie, loki and willow

Dachshund | Adult

I run a dog boarding business and have seen a lot of different brands of raw and also other food options for dogs! I found LUNA & me because one of my customers used them and i was obsessed from the minute I saw the food! It is a different quality compared to anything else I have seen! And trust me i have seen it all, I board 7 dogs a day so I see all sorts of different dog foods and LUNA & me with their patties is by far the best, and this is why I have chosen to now feed all 3 of my dogs on this!

Raw food, but more specifically LUNA & me food, makes their poos dry and less smelly so say goodbye to the sticky wet smelly poos! They disintegrate in the garden too! Its like they are so dry they just crumble away! Also, I have noticed their coats are so shiny and more importantly they all love it!

Dogs can be so fussy at times and trust me mine are fuss pots but not with LUNA & me, they eat it in seconds! Even the treats are lovely, we get the lamb bones and the dogs love them!

I have tried a few raw food brands to see the difference but LUAN & me are way better than anything else I have tried! I wouldnt go anywhere else now for my 3 dogs! The food is good quality and easy to serve (we get the patties) whereas others seem mushy or watery etc. all my dogs love it, lots of choice of flavours from the richer ones to the simpler ones, we get a mixed box so they get a bit of everything. I give my dachshunds one patty for each meal, breakfast and dinner so I simply make sure I have 2 packs defrosted and ready each day and thats it!

Odie, Loki and Willow love these LUNA & me products:

  • Naturals Bare Bones - Lamb
  • Naturals Yakers
  • SuperBlends Coconut Crunch
  • SuperBlends Kelp Kisses
  • Everyday Box, Patties
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