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German Shorthaired Pointer | Puppy

When we collected Otto from the breeder he was being fed on kibble so to make the transition easier on him, like most people do, we purchased the same food the breeder was giving him. However, very quickly it became clear that he was having an adverse reaction to something as he frequently had diarrhea and blood in his poo. This was obviously very alarming as he was a very young pup and we thought something was seriously wrong.

After taking him to the vet and having a thorough examination which included having lots of tests, it was determined that he was reacting to something in the food. So we stopped giving it to him immediately and I started doing research into other options. I was looking at other kibbles but after going down the rabbit hole and doing lots of research, I determined that I didn't want him to have kibble for various reasons. The main reason being the lack of nutritional benefit as they are made with cheap poor quality ingredients.

Throughout my research into dog food, raw food kept coming up. I never had a problem with feeding him raw food, I just never really thought it was an option as I didn't want to have to make it myself. My previous dogs were on a semi raw diet but this was more than a decade before we got Otto. I didn't realise how much it had taken off in that time and how many businesses were providing raw dog food as an alternative to kibble. We started buying food for him from our butchers and noticed immediately the huge difference it made. Almost overnight he stopped having issues when going to the toilet, he stopped doing smelly farts and his coat became lovely and glossy. Though I liked the butchers food and was happy with the difference it had made to Otto, it's a very basic mix and I wanted a more balanced option. At my local farm shop they stocked several of the raw food brands i had come across online, so I purchased a number of them to try them out and see which I liked best.

Although many of them were very good, for one reason or another I couldn't find one that suited Otto. Until I came across LUNA & me. He is quite a picky eater but straight away he loved the LUNA & me flavours and consistency of the meat. His coat has never looked so good and we constantly get compliments on how healthy and fit he looks when we are out and about. Besides Otto enjoying his food and the nutrition side of things, an important factor from my perspective is supporting UK farmers.

Otto loves these LUNA & me products:

  • Adult Beefy Beef Mince
  • Adult Chick, Chick Chicken Mince
  • Adult Dandy Duck Mince
  • Adult Luna's Lamb Mince
  • Adult Perky Turkey Mince
  • Adult Porky Pork Mince
  • Adult Tender Beef Mince
  • SuperBlends Delicious Beef & Venison Mince
  • SuperBlends Lovely Lamb & Turkey Mince
  • SuperBlends Wild Venison & Duck Mince
  • Adult Beefy Beef Patties
  • Adult Chick, Chick Chicken Patties
  • Adult Dandy Duck Patties
  • Adult Glorious Goat Patties
  • Adult Luna's Lamb Patties
  • Adult Perky Turkey Patties
  • Adult Porky Pork Patties
  • Adult Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit
  • Adult Tender Beef Patties
  • SuperBlends Delicious Beef & Venison Patties
  • SuperBlends Lovely Lamb & Turkey Patties
  • SuperBlends Seniors' Club Patties
  • SuperBlends Wild Venison & Duck Patties
  • Adult Starter Box, Patties
  • Everyday Box, Mince
  • Everyday Box, Patties
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