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Pam and Bruce

Ragdoll | Kitten

So, we got 2 ragdoll kittens who had been weened using whiskers for kittens and dry biscuits. We soon realised that this diet wasn't good for our kittens or our home or our wallets as they were going through 3-4 packets each per day. Each time they would go to the toilet it would be a smelly, runny, sloppy mess. We had to place sheets on our furniture for months to stop mess being walked about due to toilet accidents. We tried different food, litter, bought about 6 different litter trays getting bigger and bigger each time thinking this was contributing to the problem. I know that ragdolls have a tendancy to get stuff in their fur but they also used to stand in it a lot.

After reading about digestive issues with ragdolls and the benefit of a raw diet we made the switch. We have tried other brands but :UNA & me is by for the best and great value. Since making the switch their toilet habits have improved greatly! They go to the toilet much less than before, their poo is much firmer than before so no more mess and no more bad smells. Their fur is also much more shiny and less greasy, they just look more healthy.

Anyone that is thinking of switching to a raw diet, do it, you will not regret it. We have ours on repeat order, so once you have calculated how much you need it is so convenient to have this delivered at regular intervals. Initially I calculated too much so on my next order I contacted customer service who were more than happy to adjust and reduce my order for future deliveries. They were very helpful.

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