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Dachshund | Adult

I have 2 Dachshunds Picasso and Norman. Norman was raw fed from birth but Picasso was born super duper fussy! When Norman moved in with us I thought we wanted to keep him on raw to aid his settling in and I had researched the benefits and thought it seemed a good idea. It was something I had never consider before as I dont like touching raw meat!

Picasso had previously had anal gland issues. He had his gland emptied regularly but then within 24 hours in 2019 he went from no issues to a perforation and abscess. He was in so much pain:( His ears were also always itchy and dark wax. The vet at the time said try grain free so we moved him to a cooked diet rather than kibble. As mentioned before Picasso is fussy but he's also the most stubborn boy in the world, he would literally eat a food happily for 3 weeks then he would refuse to eat it ever again. I don't mean he would have a tiny bit or come back to it, I mean he would outright refuse to move, he would not get out of his bed! So if try later, nope not interested.

We literally gave up 100s of pounds of food away or even worse threw it away. I researched different brands of raw food that could cater for puppies and adult dogs but taking up the least freezer space, there was not too many options however I emailed LUNA & me and they explained the growing up box did cover this. I had a look on the All about dog food site which showed they have a super high nutritional value so thought I'd give them a try.

Norman never ever has an issue, he would eat anything. Picasso was fine, he has a wobble now and then but it’s usually if dad has got the same flavour out 3 days running! Beef is his absolute fave!

Since moving to LUNA & me we have no more dirty itchy ears and no more anal gland issues, he can go months between emptying which is fab. Both the boys coats are lovely and shiny and soft. My mother in law dog sits all the different family dogs when my brother in law or sister in law goes away and she always says how much better Picasso and Normans poop is to the others that are fed on tinned or kibble. It doesn't stink and isnt super soft (sorry for the TMI).

They also love the coconut crunch treats - delicious! We have never had a delivery problem everyone is happy so thank you!

Picasso loves these LUNA & me products:

  • Adult Beefy Beef Mince
  • Adult Dandy Duck Mince
  • SuperBlends Coconut Crunch
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