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Miniature Dachshund | Adult

We started our sausage Rolo on raw feed from another brand from a puppy. The breeder we got him from had already weened him onto raw so we thought this was the best way to go.

Initially he enjoyed his food and would eat it all in one sitting. At around 8 months he stopped eating his raw food. First it was turning his nose up at it and then eventually he wouldn’t go anywhere near his bowl. In the end it was too stressful to try and continue so that was that.

You do get greedy Dachshunds but for the most part the breed is very picky what they eat and Rolo is no exception! For the next year we tried a mixture of everything, dry, topper, fresh, tinned wet food etc but none of it went over particularly well. He did eat more of the food and more often when we moved him off raw, but it was nothing like the first 8 months when I was eating and doing it happily. Every breakfast and dinner time became a chore to make him eat. It was also really stressful as you keep thinking he’s not enjoying it or maybe there’s something wrong with him. The other noticeable change were his stools which would change on a daily basis. We also noticed his tummy making the weirdest noises. I decided a month ago to give raw a go again after seeing lots of positive reviews of LUNA & me on Dachshund specific Facebook groups.

We are so glad we tried again! From the first Pattie to today he has devoured every meal we have put in front of him. He is obviously back enjoying eating food and it has made us really happy to see. Can't recommend the patties enough!

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