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British Longhair | Senior

Syd (and her sister Nancy) were rescues adopted from Celia Hammond in Canning Town many years ago now. They both had distinct personalities of their own, but Syd was always the one with the most voracious appetite and always the one of the two that the vet was most concerned about with her weight. After a few early years trips to the vets and discussions with them, along with an episode and investigation and tests for a skin reaction to an allergy of some sort, I researched feeding options for them both and resolved to try out raw feeding.

Syd took to it immediately. Obviously! Food is food, as far as Syd is concerned - and if Nancy was hesitant then Syd would help herself to seconds given half a chance. But on those annual checkups, the vet's concern was no longer her weight - which was stabilising and in control - but they were always surprised by the condition of their teeth. That same vet was unfamiliar with raw feeding at the time, but remarked at 7 and 8 years old he would have expected dental work to be imminent - yet their teeth were perfect. Even a change in vet resulted in an initial suggestion that dental work was now getting necessary (at 11 years old) but by the age of 12 they were also telling me how great their teeth were!

Syd and Nancy both thrive on raw food, and after trying various brands and mixes, the LUNA & me range really works well for them giving them a great choice of flavours and proteins and I rarely have to give them anything else (even if Nancy is quite persistent for treats sometimes these days)

Syd loves these LUNA & me products:

  • Discovery Box, Patties
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