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Maine Coon | Adult

We tranferred Tarot onto LUNA & me in the first week he came to live with us, after doing a lot of research on the breed we decided raw was definitely the best option for us, we were recommended a few different brands and after looking at price and waste comparisons chose LUNA & me as the price was fair and the patties make it extremely easy to defrost and feed with little to no waste.

There is also a good variety of flavours, Tarot can be fussy but as long as we have some chicken patties in then the boy is happy.

One of the big pulls to raw feeding was that when he first arrived the food he had been on from the breeder was upsetting his little tummy and causing a stinky mess in his furry pantaloons, he had to endure no less than 5 hind washes in 3 days due to this, the transition to LUNA & me was quick and simple and he has never once had a bad stomach since! And no stinky litter trays either!

Tarot is now 3.5 years old and a big healthy beastie with a beautiful thick coat. Ordering has always been a great simple process and delivery mostly reliable, the one time I did have issue with delivery I received a personal call and a complete replacement delivery within 24 hours at no extra cost to me at all and this was close to the ever busy Christmas cut off delivery date too!

With the added bonus of the rewards scheme and reoccurring order system we really wouldn't look anywhere else to meet our raw needs. Tarot has completely stolen our hearts and we wouldn't entrust his nutrition to anyone else now.

Tarot loves these LUNA & me products:

  • Budget Box, Patties
  • Essential Divine Duck Patties
  • RawBlends Tasty Turkey & Wild Venison
  • RawBlends Whisker Lickin' Chicken
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