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  • Winnie the Slinker


Miniature Dachshund | Adult

As a puppy, Winnie used to gobble up her food. She was on a dry kibble that the breeder had fed her on and we continued on the same, partly for continuity as she settles into our home but partly because we didn’t know any better.

As she grew up, she started to gobble up her food less and we thought it was due to her getting older but then she started to go off it completely. We searched online to find out what might be causing this and came across the All About Dog Food website. At that point I did consider switching her food to raw but we were living in a small flat with a tiny freezer so it wasn’t really an option for us. I decided that we would give some other dry foods a go and if they didn’t work, when we moved to a house with a normal sized freezer, that we would switch to raw.

When we tried a couple of other dry foods, the same thing happened both times. We would switch the food to the new food, she would be particularly interested to start with but her interest would soon deteriorate until she was the same as she had been with the original food. Around this time, our first son started crawling. He and Winnie have always had a very special bond and we have never worried about them being together as she also adored him, however an annoying issue appeared. As Winnie wasn’t interested in her food at meal times, we would often leave her food down for an hour or so to give her the chance to pick at it. As soon as our son could crawl, this was a nightmare as we would often catch him trying to tuck in to it! This was the final straw and we realised we needed to give raw a go.

Luckily this coincided with us moving house and having the freezer space. I did my research and decided to go with LUNA & me, partly because of their excellent rating on All About Dog Foods but partly because I liked their ethos. I liked that it is a British brand and a family run business, with a focus on sustainability. I got the starter box to test it out. I liked that this was an option.

When it arrived, the packaging was great. The food was all still frozen and I was pleased that all of the packaging was recyclable. The best thing of all though was Winnie’s response, she LOVES it. We’ve now been feeding Winnie LUNA & me for over a year and she is still just as excited for every meal as she was when she first had it. She gets fed twice a day, at 8am and 5pm, and from about 7am and 4pm every day she’s pawing at me, trying to get me to feed her early. I thought raw feeding would be a bit of a faff but it has turned out to be so easy. We are thoroughly converted and I recommend LUNA & me to anyone with a picky eater dog.

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