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Zelda, Zeus, & Yurei

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My cat Zelda, and my other two cats Zeus and Yurei were all diagnosed with IBD and other stomach issues, and was told that they would need to be switched onto hypoallergenic food, by a vet. All three of my cats were on dry sensitive at the time, and had become biscuit addicts, despite the pain and side effects it was causing. The dry food was making them depressed, gassy, and lethargic. They had begun to spend most of their time hiding under the bed, and refusing to come out. It was utterly heart-breaking for me to see them in so much pain. The thought of them then having to then go onto hypoallergenic dry was too much for me as I could already see how much the biscuits were affecting them. I couldn't bear the thought of having potentially depressed cats for the rest of their life.


I chose to try this brand of raw as a last resort before switching to Hypoallergenic food. The experience of ordering on this site made it all so easy. I had no idea what I was doing and how much I needed to buy but the measurements, the portion calculator and the option to have a meal plan made for you made it all pain free. The food arrived very shortly after ordering in a freezer box, which is recyclable. The cats were super interested to see what was inside, and desperate to get inside. When I say I've never seen my cats so excited to eat, that is an understatement! They've gone from dreading food time to crying for their food ALLLL the time. They're addicted to healthy nutritional food, finally! This food has completely switched their lives around. Zelda no longer suffers IBD symptoms, and the results were nearly over night. The other two have got glossy fur again. And they're all playing around like their kittens all over again. It's wonderful to see.


I also have to say that this new diet is costing no more than dry or wet cat food. I am amazed, truly. The vets are amazed at how quick the improvement has happened. Honestly, you wouldn't believe how much money I was spending going to the vets every month with at least one of them due to stomach issues or worrying signs of blood. Since changing the food to Luna and Me, all that has gone away. My three cats consume 8400g every four weeks, and I am using the repeat subscription to manage this. I alternate the boxes to ensure they're getting a good variety of mixed proteins to keep my fur babies happy and healthy. The subscription allows you take advantage of extra discounted food. I recommend this brand to literally everyone I know who has cats as I'm still in shock about how healthy my cats now are, I thought I'd have sick cats for years to come!

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