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I recommend the LUNA & me Kitten Box Patties (72 x 100g) because is in the age range.

's Kitten Box, Patties (72 x 100g)

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Our Kitten Box is a sure way to win the heart of your new kitten. Packed full of our Kitten Power recipe, a soft, smooth recipe that your kitten will devour and the best bit, this recipe gives them everything they need to grow into a healthy, happy cat. With higher levels of protein and calcium to support healthy growth and prebiotics to support the digestive system.

There has never been a more convenient way to feed a biologically appropriate raw food diet. Our Patties minimise the time needed to prepare & thaw before serving.

Quick thaw, No mess, No fuss, No waste - Raw Feeding Made Easy!

Here's what's included in your Kitten Box:
Kitten Power Patties

Available in two pack sizes:

Total 7200g = 24 x Trays of 3 x 100g Patties, total 72 Patties
Total 9600g = 32 x Trays of 3 x 100g Patties, total 96 Patties

* Please remember the 9600g Kitten Box is a promotional item and therefore has a maximum order limit x 2



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