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RawBlends Feline Good (75g)
RawBlends Feline Good (75g)

RawBlends Feline Good (75g)



RawBlends Feline Good are made from Beef Heart, Liver and Kidney, with the addition of Organic Raw Sea Kelp and absolutely nothing else. These healthy treats provide a wonderful range of vitamins and minerals.

RawBlends Feline Good are slowly air dried until crunchy for maximum nutrition. They’ll help keep your cat in tip-top condition and they’re bursting with flavour too.

Surprise your cat with Feline Good! Your cat will love them and you will feel confident that you’re giving your cat the best.

Key Benefits: Omega 3 | Air Dried | Great for Teeth | Optimal Health

Suitable for adult & senior cats and kittens from 4 months.

Easy to use; pocket-sized resealable pouch.



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