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Hungarian Vizsla | Adult

Baxter has always struggled with his food and had quite a sensitive stomach. Being sick was a regular occurrence - way more than other dogs - but the vet said he was fine, just a "sensitive stomach'. After 7 years I'd have to agree. Whether it was due to his stomach or just Baxter being Baxter, he's also been a very fussy eater. These two issues combined made me move to raw food quite early on in his life. The raw definitely made a difference, but didn't 100% solve the problem. Some days he’d eat, other days he’d need sprinkles of carrots, or cheese or hand feeding or me pretending to eat from his bowl! The food would go down, up, down, up several times a day and there would be half eaten defrosted bowls of raw meat hanging around the fridge, which I hated! It made holiday hard and I was constantly worried about making sure he'd had his food meaning days out kind of revolved around when and where Baxter was going to eat.

Over the 7 years we'd tried natural instinct, cotswolds, Butternut box and natures menu all being mostly ok, but not solving the 'fussy nature' or intermittent sickness. He also ate around 1000g of natures menu a day (when he did eat properly) and would still ask for more. As he’d always been raw fed I didn’t expect much of difference by switching to LUNA & me - other than the patties being perfectly weighed for the day meaning my fridge wasn’t constantly filled with half filled bowls of raw food defrosting. However, since the day I put the patties down, Baxter hasn't once been sick and has been hugely excited to receive his breakfast and dinner - no sprinkles of cheese, sitting by his bowl or putting defrosted half eaten food back in the fridge. The bowl goes down and 2 minutes later it's being washed up and he's happily chewing his toothbrush!

Life is so much easier and a lot less messy! We’re able to pack a cool box and go away on holiday without the thought of hanving bags of defrosted food lying around or being thrown away. It’s also more cost effective as not only is there a lot less waste, but he's eating the suggested amount of 600g/day instead of 1000g

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