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Siberian Forest Cat | Kitten

Once upon a time, my adorable Siberian Forest kitten Echo and I embarked on a journey towards a healthier diet more natural to what a cat should eat in the wild. Like any loving pet parent, I wanted the very best for her, and I thought feeding her a mix of wet and dry cat food was the way to go. I chose expensive brands assuming these were best. But one day I properly read the ingredients in those products which left me bewildered and concerned. I thought surely most of them were unnecessary and that as cats are carnivores I’d have expected a higher meat content.

I decided to delve deeper into the world of cat nutrition, determined to find a better-quality food for Echo. After trying some brands with high meat and grain free, I stumbled upon the concept of feeding cats raw meat, and countless people raved about a brand called LUNA & me. They loved how carefully balanced the ingredients are specifically the 8% bone content and how their cats seemed to prefer it over other options. Intrigued, I decided to give it a try. Having previously introduced Echo to some raw minced meat, I knew she enjoyed it. But nothing could have prepared me for the sight and sound of her joyfully grunting as she devoured her first bowl of LUNA & me. It was a hilarious and heartwarming moment that confirmed her absolute delight in this new culinary adventure.

In just two days of transitioning Echo to a raw diet, the amazing effects of raw started to become clear. Her litter tray visits became less frequent, and to my astonishment, the awful odour that once plagued our home had significantly reduced, as well as her poo looking much healthier. Echo's excessive drinking, which was a concern with dry food, had also subsided. Not only did Echo's bodily functions improve, but her physical appearance underwent a marvelous transformation as well. Her fur became remarkably shinier and silkier, a true testament to the nourishment she was receiving. I couldn't help but notice how she had gained healthy muscle tone, and her teeth remained in pristine condition. While she doesn’t have any pre-existing health issues that I needed to help improve, I think that this natural diet will maintain her health better than processed food with unnecessary additives.

Aside from the benefits to Echo's well-being, the convenience LUNA & me provided was a big bonus. Having my pet’s food delivered straight to our door made my life as a busy cat parent much easier. The variety of options available also allowed me to provide Echo with a well-rounded and diverse diet, keeping her taste buds satisfied. As I look forward to Echo's continued journey on this path of raw feeding, I am filled with excitement and confidence. Echo's preference for LUNA & me over regular cat food speaks volumes.

Echo and I want to say a big thank you to LUNA & me, for providing such a high-quality product that has transformed Echo's eating experience. Your dedication to feline nutrition has made a world of difference to mine and Echo’s lives and we’ll be sticking with you for the long run.

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