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Border Collie | Adult

Fly came to me after I lost my Best Boxer Boy just before Xmas. I was devastated and didn’t see a future with another dog, as I just couldn’t cope with the sadness again. However a few WEEKS later my partner arrived home with a female puppy 8 weeks old, which I was not happy about in the slightest, I felt it was a real betrayal of my feelings, he thought was a nice surprise (and not at all a replacement!).

A few weeks later, after trying to ignore this cute little ball of fluff, I was smitten! But I wanted my own, if I was going to look after his puppy then may as well get my own one I thought. A breed I’d never had before, or considered, I’d heard Border Collies were a different class, not just from my partner who’d always wanted one, but others too. And yes I can confirm they are, intelligence is only one dimension. Forget all the things I’d heard about working dogs only, high anxiety and intense breed with never ending energy and lack of ability to be a family dog. So not true!

I got Fly at 7 weeks from a reputable breeder. His back legs were a tad on the weak side when he came to me so on recommendation of the vet, he’s been doing hydro and physio to gain muscle and definition. My boy loves wild swimming, first in river, lakes, swimming happily - but as soon as you put him in that pool, he hooks his back legs up and won’t budge!! Will power 101.

Fly is 16 months currently and whilst he has picked up all the standard tricks and training from 10 weeks, his will power and personality are starting to shine through (enter the teenage years) I’ve never known a dog pose for photos like him, a boy so full of energy and so relaxed at the same time - no fear and takes everything in his stride. He’s so loveable and their faces are very human with all knowing empathy and expressions. Fly has started to use his voice a lot more, when you don’t greet him first or you’ve ignored him for a bit too long (in his opinion), he does this little howl to make himself heard. It’s adorable. He’s a great little companion, took to the car from the off, loves walks, runs, swims, and isn’t scared of new home stay locations, or at all skittish like people say BCs are. He has a partial blue eye and looks great when he does his famous side glance. Keep up the good work Fly you’ve melted my heart.

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