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Frank and Doris

Miniature Dachshund | Adult

We have two fussy eaters, Frank and Doris our not-so-miniature Dechshund’s! We prefer to feed raw but had real trouble getting the portion sizes right, and did worry that they were getting the right nutrition.

They were always hungry and we just weren’t sure what to do for the best. They need to lose a few pounds too. A friend introduced us to LUNA & me and we haven’t looked back since. The patties are so convenient, the variety is great and Frank and Doris love them which is amazing as we’ve tried most of the other online food companies and they just don’t seem to like the taste, turning their little wet noses up and we end up throwing the wasted food away.

The LUNA & me patties are so cost effective and easy to remove from the freezer each night ready for the next day. I no longer need to worry as I know they’re getting all the nutrients they need, and with the variety of flavours they won’t get bored. We’ve only been using them a month but I’m hoping that the portion control will help with the excess weight too, we’re on 2 patties each a day at the moment but will reduce to 1 1/2 gradually.

We also tried the treats, the coconut and kelp ones. Frank and Doris absolutely loved them which was surprising as Doris in particular is very fussy about her treats. Although they could be considered on the costly side, as we only have one per day each dog, I think they’re worth the cost, and the peace of mind that they’re not full of nasties is really reassuring as an owner.

Our first delivery came the next day and was expertly packaged, staying nice and frozen despite me arriving home a few hours after the delivery had arrived. All in all we’ve been thrilled with our experience of LUNA & me and will carry on using this delicious food for as long as Frank and Doris enjoy it. I’d highly encourage anyone to give them a try.

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