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French Bulldog | Puppy

Having fostered and rehomed Westies for years before the pandemic, I had been without a dog for three years due to having a breakdown during Covid. I finally made the decision to get a dog again. So after losing my dog during the lockdown, who was a Westie crossed with a Frenchie, I decided to get a French bulldog and along came Frankie who is eight months old.

I’m not sure the real reason why the owners wanted to rehome him as he is an adorable little boy, but he had been fed on commercial dog food which I am against so I transitioned him straight onto a raw diet.

My first Westie I had 10 years ago had a condition called Westie lung disease which is incurable but treatable normally with steroids which obviously cause things like weight gain and wasn’t good for his overall health.

Within months of starting the raw food diet I saw a massive change in his behaviour and his overall health. After trying several different brands, I settled on LUNA & me, mainly because of the portion sizes was exactly one meal per serving and the ease of the packaging and storing in my freezer and portion control made it the ideal choice for my dogs.

Three years later, here I am again back with LUNA & me as a loyal customer and Frankie absolutely loves his food. He can’t wait for meal times and he also loves the treats especially the kelp bites and the Coconut crunch! These helped massively in toilet training him as he arrived not housetrained!

I can’t wait to move him onto the adults recipes as soon as he’s old enough and want to say a big thank you to LUNA & me for providing such a fantastic product that is easy to use and which I highly recommend to everyone i talk to!

Thank you LUNA & me!
Love James & Frankie xx

Frankie loves these LUNA & me products:

  • Puppy Power Patties
  • SuperBlends Coconut Crunch
  • SuperBlends Kelp Kisses
  • Puppy Box, Patties
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