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Leah and Luna

Dachshund | Adult

I moved into my bungalow in 2017 and was able to have dogs again and so I got Leah. Leah is 5 years old Black and Tan and has a lot of food and environmental allergies then when Leah was 3 years old she she got very sad during the lockdowns and as I was on the extremely vulnerable list we couldn’t go out so decided she needed some company so I added a miniature dachshund Luna who is a chocolate dapple to our family.

Since day 1 of Luna arriving they have been inseparable they do everything together and love looking after each other and playing together. They are such little characters they love nothing more than cuddling up with me and getting lots of attention and love. Leah used to be happy laying on the sofa all the time until Luna came along and it all changed. They are so alike and yet so different it’s weird but watching them together makes me smile you can see the love they have for each other and it’s like they have been together always. They are both very happy dogs and love people and will stop for everyone to say hello to them. Luna is ball obsessed and will fetch it all day every day if you let her she has an automatic ball launcher that she can load up herself so will often be playing it when nothing else is going on. Both of them will step a paw outside if it is raining not even to go for a walk they refuse completely lol their favourite thing to be doing is running around in the garden in the sun chasing each other and playing together. They love going out in the car as they know that means we are headed round to family or to the fields. They make me smile all the time are great company and they keep me on my toes but there is nothing I would change about them the love from them both is so much and I’m so very lucky to have that they often sit just looking at me and you can see the love in their eyes and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for them.

I’m also so impressed that Leah took to Luna as soon as she was picked up and taught her things and really looked after her and that they got on amazingly from the very first meeting and now it feels as though they have both always been together rather than being 2 years apart in age. Because they are so cute they are spoilt but how can you not they come first in everything and have steps up to my bed so they can get up and take it over every night it’s amazing how two small dogs can take up so much room and when it’s cold you will find both of them curled up under a blanket or duvet. Luna is my little Velcro dog she follows me everywhere I go just to see what I’m doing or if I’m getting something for her where for Leah that’s a lot of effort if I’m not getting anything for them lol

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