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Sphynx | Adult

LUNA & me opened up our world of RAW feeding. Since being a kitten, our boy Osiris has had a sensitive tummy. Nothing changed in his diet from the breeder, we kept everything the same and did everything by the book in terms of not messing around with his diet etc. A few months after getting our boy he became bloated and had constant diarrhoea to the point there was clots of blood in his poop. It was horrible to have to watch him go through this, he was in so much pain. After countless vet’s trips and negative faecal samples, we took advice from the vets and changed his diet, unfortunately nothing changed, he got worse.

He slept all the time, spent a lot of time on his own, and for anyone who owns or has ever owned and sphynx cat this is very unlike the breed. He also began to smell; he was very gassy to the point you could smell it on his skin. I did some research and came across raw feeding and someone mentioned LUNA & me.

The website is informative and easy to navigate, making ordering very easy. It’s not any more money than commercial cats’ food, and can be a cheaper alternative, which makes it even more attractive.

Anyway, within the first couple of weeks his bowel habits completely changed, and I am happy to say he is back to normal, LUNA & me raw food sorted out little boy out, he is so much happier and healthier now. His bloated painful belly has gone, and his skin has improved. We also have 4 other cats who love the food just as much, it was such an easy transition to say they were all biscuit addicts before!

Thank you LUNA & me for bringing our boy back to us, he means everything to us.

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