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Dachshund Miniature | Adult

Richmond has been devouring LUNA & me for 3 years. It was the best decision we made, moving over to wet food after lots of research! He loves every meal time and enjoys all the flavours. We noticed a difference in his energy as well as his coat. He often enjoys Coconut Crunch as well as Kelp Kisses. We often order the Coconut Crunch and Kelp Kisses with our order as a little treat for his walks. He also enjoyed the Lamb Bone recently, which he would guard with all his life and insisted on bringing it to bed...likewise with the Yak chews, they must sleep in the bed alongside him.

The ingredients speak for themselves, all natural and organic. We often order the Variety pack as it gives a good variation of meats, he never gets bored and has never had any issue with his enjoyment of the patties.

Richmond always knows when it’s LUNA & me delivery time and is quick to help unpack the order...however, he is quick to tell us when we forget to defrost his patties in the morning and makes his feelings known!

The simplicity of packaging also helps, especially when Richmond has his holidays to his grandparents, it’s easy to pack up his food and transport over to the peaceful countryside where he can roam free and spend his afternoons chasing squirrels and having a stand off with the sheep.

Richmond also enjoys the new flavours that LUNA & me have to offer as well as the Christmas specials! Currently, he seems to enjoy the Duck patties the most. Lots of sausage dog kisses, Richmond.

Richmond loves these LUNA & me products:

  • Adult Beefy Beef Patties
  • Adult Chick, Chick Chicken Patties
  • Adult Dandy Duck Patties
  • Adult Glorious Goat Patties
  • Adult Luna's Lamb Patties
  • Adult Perky Turkey Patties
  • Adult Porky Pork Patties
  • Adult Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit
  • Adult Tender Beef Patties
  • Bare Beefy Beef Patties
  • Naturals Bare Bones - Lamb
  • Naturals Yakers
  • SuperBlends Coconut Crunch
  • SuperBlends Kelp Kisses
  • SuperBlends Love Hearts
  • Gentle Essentials Box, Patties
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