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  • Therbeeo and his brother, Manticore, in the rescue.

  • ...and now with thanks to LUNA & me

  • ...and now with thanks to LUNA & me

  • Therbeeo in February 2023, 3 years on and thriving


Other (cat) | Adult

I have 5 cats who all love LUNA & me, even my Pygmy Hedgehogs are fed on it! Today I want to mention specifically one of my cats, Therbeeo. He has come a long way from when we first adopted him and his brother from a rescue. They were both feral, found in an attic and suffering from worms and giardia. While there were behavioural issues we had to work through for both of them, Therbeeo in particular was skin and bones, he had a mucky face which seemed to be related to allergies and what should have been a sleek black coat was dull, dry and grey with fever coat.

While we had to slowly introduce raw to my two girl cats, Therbeeo and Manticore took to it right away and were transformed. Therbeeo's coat is now a soft and glossy black. While he still gets very excited around meal times, he no longer behaves quite so ravenous as he is getting all the protein and nutrition he had so desperately needed. The scabbing on his face never returned and underneath his coat you can feel toned muscle where once was just skin and bone. On 'regular' dry and wet cat food, within just a few months, Therb developed a build up of tartar. This has never been an issue on LUNA & me and I am regularly brushing all their teeth to combat the effects of the previous food.

LUNA & me has certainly changed all their lives for the better, there is a significant change in all of my cats (and hedgehogs!) being fed a raw diet and it is particularly clear in little Therbeeo. While he remains rather small for a now adult male cat, he has the energy and spirit of any other big cat! He is certainly loving life, far from the old attic he was born in.

Therbeeo loves these LUNA & me products:

  • RawBlends Feline Good
  • RawBlends Kitty Liver
  • Essential Sensational Beef Patties
  • RawBlends Purr-fect Lamb & Chicken
  • RawBlends Tasty Turkey & Wild Venison
  • RawBlends Whisker Lickin' Chicken
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