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  • Titan


Short Haired Tabby | Adult

We switched to raw a few months ago and Titan has taken so well to his new diet and he loves every recipe, always licks his plate clean! It did take him few weeks to get used to but it was worth it!

He is happy, energetic and healthy. Always looking forward to his next meal. We like to feed him a different recipe each day so he has a good variety and he eats all of them very happily.

The portions are great and we were recommend to feed 1 - 1.5 patties on the portion calculator. We feed 1 per day and he is happy with this.

We have made a good choice switching to LUNA & me, its easy to serve which makes things easy for us and delivery is always on time. Only thing i would change is the packaging so thay each patty is sealed shut instead of just the whole sleeve. I feed a different recipe every day so that means the whole sleeve is open for about 7 days before its actually finished and I dont really like leaving it open in the freezer with all the other food. Im hoping this is something that can be changed in the future but it wouldn't turn me away from LUNA & me if not.

It works out to be cost effective when buying the bundle boxes so its definitely worth feeding raw instead of the food thats sold in supermarkets which hardly has any meat content. He also loves the feline good freeze dried treats! They are super crunchy so it keeps him busy for 5-10 minutes, I offer the whole peice and he really enjoys breaking it up and enjoying the crumbs. It's good for his teeth too as its quite hard and makes him use all of his teeth.

Would recommend to all cat parents who want to feed raw! Thank you

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