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The LUNA & me Refer a Friend Programme offers users the opportunity to receive discounts on future LUNA & me purchases by referring new customers to LUNA & me. By sharing your unique URL (“Referral Link”), you agree to the terms of this contract between you (“Referrer”) and LUNA & me. Users also agree to abide by our Terms and Privacy Policy.

Referral Program: To participate, Referrers must create an online account at and then visit to refer friends, family members or colleagues who have never made a purchase from LUNA & me by following one of two methods: (1) enter the email address of a friend you wish to refer and an email will be sent to the friend by LUNA & me containing your unique Referral Link; or (2) directly sharing your Referral Link to friend(s) by copying the link, posting on social media or sharing via your personal email account ("Referral").

Each new customer who clicks on your Referral Link will receive a discount code redeemable for a one-time 20% discount off their first LUNA & me purchase ("Referral Discount Code"). For each Qualifying Purchase (as defined below) made using the Referral Discount Code, you'll will receive 500 rewards points (equivalent to £10) added to your rewards account balance and redeemable on your next LUNA & me purchase at ("Referral Rewards"). Learn more about LUNA & me reward points here:

A "Qualifying Purchase" means a purchase over £25 made by a referred new customer using the Referral Discount Code on that is not returned or cancelled within fourteen (14) days of purchase. If a referred new customer makes a purchase using any other link or method, or returns all items purchased during the fourteen (14) day period following the purchase date, the purchase will not count as a Qualifying Purchase and you will not earn a Referral Discount. Only one Referral Discount can be earned for each referred new customer. Any additional or subsequent purchases made by a referred new customer will not count as a Qualifying Purchase and you will not earn a Referral Discount for those purchases. In addition, only one Referral Discount Code may be redeemed by a referred new customer. Therefore, if multiple Referrers have referred the same friend, only one Referrer will be entitled to receive a Referral Discount and the friend will be eligible to redeem only one Referral Discount Code. The Referral Discount will be earned by the Referrer whose Referral Link was made to generate the Referral Discount Code that was redeemed in connection with a Qualifying Purchase. All other Referrals will automatically be invalidated.

Eligibility: To be eligible to participate in the LUNA & me Refer a Friend Programme, Referrers must be at least 18 years old and have an active LUNA & me account. Each referred friend must be new to LUNA & me (can't already have an active or inactive LUNA & me account), at least 18 years old, and make a Qualifying Purchase using the Referral Discount Code. Certain customer groups who are already earning LUNA & me discounts may be ineligible to participate in the Refer a Friend Programme.

Referral Rewards: Referral Rewards may not be (i) redeemed anywhere but at; (ii) sold or transferred; (iii) redeemed for cash; or (iv) or applied toward previous purchases or recurring orders.

All Referral Discount Codes and Referral Rewards are subject to verification. We reserve the right to delay issuance of a Referral Discount Code or Referral Reward for the purposes of investigation and confirmation of validity. We may also refuse to verify and process any transaction we deem, in our sole discretion, to be fraudulent, suspicious, in violation of these terms and conditions, or that we believe may impose potential liability on LUNA & me, its subsidiaries, affiliates or any of their respective officers, directors, employees, representatives and agents.

Additional Terms, Conditions, Exclusions, and Restrictions: Only individuals may participate in the LUNA & me Refer a Friend Programme. Referral Discount Codes and Referral Rewards accumulated under the LUNA & men Refer a Friend Programme have no monetary or cash value and are for individual use only. Referral Discounts may not be credited to any group, company, or other entity. Referral Discount Codes and Referral Rewards and your account under the LUNA & me Refer a Friend Programme are personal to you and may not be sold, transferred or assigned to, or shared with, family, friends, or others.

We reserve the right (in our sole discretion) to disallow Referral Discount Codes and Referral Rewards that were issued in error or that were not earned legitimately. Referrer shall not promote any Referral Reward that are not in good faith, including, but not limited to, using any device, program, robot, Iframes, or hidden frames. Mass distribution of Referral Links are not allowed and are considered fraudulent. You may not place Referral Links on/in third party newsgroups, message boards, blogs, unsolicited email and other types of spam, or on coupon sharing sites. Self referrals, cross referrals and fraudulent referrals are not allowed. Referrers will not be compensated for Referral Rewards where the Referrer is the individual entering the code. Multiple Referral Rewards from the same individual, entity or IP address may be considered fraudulent and will not be compensated. Referral Rewards from fraudulent tactics will not be fulfilled, and the orders will be cancelled. Fraudulent activities will result in a termination of status, and fraudulent conversions will not be compensated. Any points, coupons or discounts accumulated fraudulently will be removed from the Referrers account. LUNA & me will have final decision in any disputes over Referral Discount Codes or Referral Discounts, Qualifying Purchases or your participation in the LUNA & me Refer a Friend Programme.

You agree LUNA & me will not have any liability for any modification or termination of the LUNA & me Refer a Friend Programme, even if any modification or termination affects your ability to use any Referral Discount Codes or Referral Rewards already issued. Upon termination of the LUNA & me Refer a Friend Programme, your Referral Discount Codes and Referral Rewards may be automatically cancelled and you may not be permitted to redeem those Referral Discount Codes or Referral Rewards. Referral Discounts are void where prohibited by applicable law.