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I redeemed points but didn't make a purchase. Can I get them back?

If you redeemed points during checkout but ended up not making a purchase, please contact our Customer Care Team at for assistance. 

Please note, if you made a purchase that you redeemed reward points on, you will not receive your points back. 

Can I combine rewards points with a discount code?

At this time, you are unable to redeem both a discount code and rewards points at the same time on You will need to select one offer to use per transaction on our site. 

You may choose whichever option that seems the best to you, however we recommend selecting the option that will expire the soonest or offers the greater discount. 

How do I redeem my reward points?

You can redeem your Reward Points for discounts on your orders. Sign into your account, visit the Rewards page and scroll to the How To Use Your Points section to view how many points you have earned. Select the Spend button under the amount you wish to redeem and copy the Discount code. Once you have added your items to your bag and proceeded to checkout you can then paste the code into the Discount code section to reddem your reward.

Some things to keep in mind with redeeming points:

    1. The Spend button will only work if you have enough points. 
    2. Reward points cannot be applied to VAT or delivery costs.
    3. Reward points can only be redeemed in the following increments.
      £5 | £10 | £20. The 
      Customer Care Team cannot make adjustments to this.

Please note that rewards points CANNOT be redeemed for cash. They can only be redeemed at in the above rewards tiers.

How do I review my reward points balance?

Once you are signed into your account, you will see your current point balance under the How To Use Your Points section of the Rewards page. Hover over LUNA & me | Perks in the navigation and select the Earn Points, Get a Discount link under the Rewards header.

You can contact the LUNA & me Customer Care Team if you have questions on points earned/redeemed. 

How do Tiers work?

Starting November 2022, we launched a Tier program where the more you spend, the more you save!  All orders placed after November 1st 2022 will count towards our Tier program.  As you move up in the tiers, you will earn more points per order that you can redeem as a discount on future orders.

Tier status is maintained on a rolling calendar year and you will move back to the previous Tier if you do not reach a spend level within the calendar year to maintain that tier level. 

Do points expire?

Yes, points expire 2 years from the day they were earned.