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I recommend the LUNA & me Seniors' Club Box, Patties (72 x 100g) because is in the age range and is .

Everyday Box, Patties
Image of LUNA & me Adult Perky Turkey Patties - Dog Food
Image of LUNA & me Adult Dandy Duck Patties - Dog Food
Image of LUNA & me Adult Chick, Chick Chicken Patties - Dog Food
Image of LUNA & me Adult Beefy Beef Patties - Dog Food

's Seniors' Club Box, Patties (72 x 100g)

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Homemade made simple. We know you'd love to feed your pets only the fresh food you make at home. But when you don't have time for all the shopping, chopping, measuring and mixing, we've got you covered with our Seniors' Club Box full of recipes that are just like homemade.

Want to keep the spring in their step? Then it's important to continue feeding variety. This Seniors' Club Box contains five of their favourite varieties with the addition of our Seniors' Club recipe. It is specially formulated for senior dogs, with fresh meat, fruit, veg, and a host of healthy superfoods that become even more important for dogs in their golden years.

There has never been a more convenient way to feed a biologically appropriate raw food diet. Our Patties minimise the time needed to prepare & thaw before serving.

Quick thaw, No mess, No fuss, No waste - Raw Feeding Made Easy!

Here's what's included in your Seniors' Club Box:
Senior’s Club = 18 x Patties
Adult Chick, Chick Chicken = 18 x Patties
Adult Beefy Beef = 12 x Patties
Adult Perky Turkey = 12 x Patties
Adult Dandy Duck = 12 Patties
SuperBlends Treats = 1 x pack
Total 7200g = 24 Trays of 3 x 100g Patties total 72 x Patties + 1 x 75g Treats

Please note occasionally content may vary.



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